Sunday, April 15, 2012

First post of the year - 2012 writing goals

Yes, it's April, but that's okay. It's actually a perfect time to review my writing goals for 2012.

My goals to kick off the year were:

[  ] published 4 short stories
[  ] write a new short story each month
[  ] get two Back Issue! assignments
[  ] write my novel
[  ] contribute to Black Glove magazine

Revisiting them now:

[ 1/4 ] published 4 short stories (1 slated for publication this year)
[ 1/12 ] write a new short story each month (1 new story so far)
[ 1/2 ] get two Back Issue! assignments (1 out of 2 so far)
[  ] write my novel (hacking away at it)
[  ] contribute to The Black Glove (ongoing)
[  ] contribute to Biff Bam Pop! (ongoing)

As writing my novel is my primary focus this year, I'd like to break that down a bit more. Originally I started out with the following schedule aimed at getting my novel written for World Fantasy Con 2012 here in Toronto.

Mar - write 17,000 words
Apr- write 17,000 words
May- write 17,000 words
June- write 17,000 words
July - write 17,000 words 
Aug - Revision
Sept - Revision
Oct - Revision
Nov 1 - World Fantasy Con

So where am I now? I have about 19,000 words written, but I'm really struggling with putting together the overall plot.

I had a great chat with author Ian Rogers over the weekend and he reaffirmed that there was a market for good dark fiction set in Canada. So I'm mulling over whether to press on with my novel or to grab some pieces from the novel to flesh out something in the 10,000 word range as a chapbook.

I'm not sure where to go, but I guess for now, I can try and do both! We'll see how successful that is.

A tip of the hat to Daniel Huber for encouraging me to continue this writer's blog.

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