Monday, April 16, 2012

Borderlands Press Boot Camp

What is the Borderlands Press Boot Camp?

"You will be expected to log in many hours of intensive analysis and criticism from your peers and the three guest instructors who will be guiding you through all the major elements of writing fiction. 
You will be required to read (in advance) the submissions of your fellow workshop participants. (ALL OF THEM) Your weekend will comprise of: 
- lecture (not a lot)
- round table critiques (definitely a lot)
- analysis by the instructors
- Q&A panel discussion
- readings (of your work)
- a special exercise or maybe more... 
Think you’ve heard enough?
In addition, you will receive a general understanding of the state of modern publishing—that is where and to whom to submit your material, the real deal on editors and agents, the characteristics of the genres, the perception of the difference between mainstream and literary fiction, and even a few words on marketing and publicity. Have your questions ready.
You will learn all the basic elements of writing and the processes needed to finish your manuscript and have it ready for submission to the market place. But more importantly you will get the much needed FEEDBACK that is often the missing factor which contributes to the success (or failure) of many writers.
Each instructor has a specific area they will be emphasizing. If you’ve never experienced a piece of fiction deconstructed (especially your own) and analyzed in a high-intensity workshop setting, be prepared to learn things about you, your writing, and  your ability to tell a good story.
You will discover this workshop is primarily concerned with analysis and criticism—
that is, learning how to give it out, and more importantly,  how to take it. Professional writers learn early on the ability to receive and implement critical feedback is the most important element contributing to the improvement of their craft. 
When writers learn to EDIT their own work with a critical eye, they discover the ultimate key to their success."

Sounds intimidating and like a lot of work doesn't it? Well, as much fun as I have writing, it is work. Hard and solitary work. But there are great rewards. Like getting paid for your first piece of fiction!

The qualification is now open and if you're accepted (and they only accept 24 students), your work-in-progress needs to be in their hands by September.

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