Monday, September 24, 2012

Feeling accomplished

I hit the 41,000 word mark on the first draft of Endless Night. I want to hit the halfway mark by the end of this week.

Submitted my short story, Prometheus Undead to the Dead North Anthology (, so cross your fingers for me!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Getting organized and setting new goals

It's difficult trying to set up your goals and align your efforts with deadlines. As I mentioned in a previous post, I try to scout out potential short story markets and set up a schedule based on those.

Earlier in the year, I had set an ambitious goal of having the first draft of my novel Endless Night completed and even having a second draft of it done by November for the World Fantasy Convention. However, that goal become derailed as I really struggled with a lot of plotting issues. However, my efforts to submit proposals for grants and for the Borderlands Boot Camp helped to solidify the project.

Now, I'm trying to hit a minimum of a 1,000 words a day on Endless Night. So, between now and WFC, there's basically 6 weeks and with trying to pound our 7,000 words a week, that's at least 43,000 words combined with the existing 35,000 words would get me into the 78,000 words area or 87% of my goal.

I'd like to do NaNoWrimo again this year, but to try something different just to change my mind. That will give me the necessary time away from Endless Night and give me the month of December to close out those 90,000 words.

Along with these writing efforts, I have the following goals/deadlines:

Short story for September 30th - Dead North (reused an existing story that I liked a lot, 85% complete)
Short story for October 15th - Stories from the Asylum (haven't started)
Short story for October 31th - Urban Fantasy themed anthology (haven't started)
Prework for NaNoWrimo
Short story for November 30th - Urban Green Man (haven't started)
Comic book script and synopsis for December 31st - Top Cow Talent Hunt
    - complete research: read up on Top Cow comics
    - pick a character from the list to write about; think outside the box in terms of the character

Okay, now I'm feeling guilty enough that I should get back to my writing!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Milestone #1 reached!

Over the weekend, I send off my package for the 2013 Borderlands Bootcamp which included an outline of the characters, a 5 page synopsis, and a 32-page opening which was 2.5 chapters (just over 7,000 words). Happy Dance time!

 Okay, enough with the celebration, time to keep moving. Back to novel writing. I've updated my Scrivener document with the Borderlands content and created rough scene place holders that will allow me to jot things down and write the actual scenes. It's a great view of your novel. If you're at all serious about your writing, it's worth investing in Scrivener (

Also, there are a few good short story anthologies that have opened for submissions lately that I'm hoping to take a stab at over the next few months:

September 30th - Dead North -
October 31th - Urban Fantasy themed anthology -
November 30th - Urban Green Man -

I also made some progress on the word count on my novel pushing it to just over 32K.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Short Story Markets

Looking to place a specific short story? Looking for inspiration from an actual paying market?

Here's a list of some of the writing market resources I regularly visit.

Dark Markets -
D.L. Snell's Market Scoops -
Duotrope - -