Thursday, September 6, 2012

Milestone #1 reached!

Over the weekend, I send off my package for the 2013 Borderlands Bootcamp which included an outline of the characters, a 5 page synopsis, and a 32-page opening which was 2.5 chapters (just over 7,000 words). Happy Dance time!

 Okay, enough with the celebration, time to keep moving. Back to novel writing. I've updated my Scrivener document with the Borderlands content and created rough scene place holders that will allow me to jot things down and write the actual scenes. It's a great view of your novel. If you're at all serious about your writing, it's worth investing in Scrivener (

Also, there are a few good short story anthologies that have opened for submissions lately that I'm hoping to take a stab at over the next few months:

September 30th - Dead North -
October 31th - Urban Fantasy themed anthology -
November 30th - Urban Green Man -

I also made some progress on the word count on my novel pushing it to just over 32K.

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