Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Roller Coaster Ride That Is #PitchMadness

Over a week ago I threw my novel, Spirit Quest, into the #PitchMadness hat. On the weekend, I was thrilled to learn that it had made the final 70 or so pitches out of the over 900 submitted.

Today was the big day where the participating agents placed bids on the pitches they liked.After a grueling hour-long plus process, I learned that my pitch didn't receive any requests.  Like the post's title state, it was a roller coaster ride. From the high on Sunday, to today's crazy level of anticipation and stunned disappointment.

I'm pushed aside my bruised ego and want to congratulate all those who did receive requests. You guys rock!

Now, to focus on the positives:
  • My novel pitch had roughly a 7% of being picked and it was
  • My novel pitch being selected gives me confidence that my idea is marketable
  • Perhaps the participating agents weren't a good match for my story
  • Made several new twitter friends
  • Got some leads on some other agents
 The bottom line of this whole experience is that I know what I've got and I'm going to keep querying!

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