Monday, January 5, 2015

A Hunting I Will Go ... For An Agent

The hunt begins this week for an agent for my novel, SPIRIT QUEST. I'll probably wait until mid-January to query potential agents as they'll just be getting back into the office. Meanwhile, as I've done a bit of research and reading on the subject, I thought I'd share my step-by-step guide that I hope to try out shortly!
  1. Get your manuscript done.
  2. Have another read of it.
  3. Search Google for the agents of your favorite writers in the genre you're interested in. Pick five agents. Do a bit more genre-related Google searches to find other agent suggestions.
  4. Review their guidelines. Make sure they're open and they're interested in what you've got.
  5. Do a Google search on those agents, read about them from their twitter feed, guest blog posts, or their own blog posts. Make sure they're a good fit for you. Keep an eye for other agents on those blogs.
  6. Most agents are okay with you submitting to multiple agents, just not within the same agency. 
  7. Review their submission guidelines again and make sure you follow them. There's really no worse impression than submitting your novel and not following their guidelines.
  8. Submit.
  9. Be patient. Don't follow up with them a day or two after their response time estimate.
  10. Be prepared for rejection.
  11. If rejected, go back to Step 3.
  12. Do the happy dance!
 Disclaimer - The guide is by no means perfect and is no guarantee of success. It's just a fun way to present what I've learned. Feel free to post comments and make suggestions.

Here's a great website/blog I came across:*%20Literary%20agents

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