Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Halloween Gloom of 2014

Halloween is normally my favourite time of the year. But, this year, not so much. I'm not sure what's different about this year, but I'm not really feeling the Halloween spirit. Usually, I spend the month's evenings watching an assortment of Halloween flicks, but I really struggled to do so this year, only watching a handful of movies.

It's been a terribly busy October with my daughter's multiple birthday celebrations, Canadian Thanksgiving, my parents visiting, my son starting hockey, crazy busy weekends, murder mystery events and the Toronto Zombie Walk. Work has been really challenging as well and has sapped a lot of my energy. And the cold, gloomy weather with the winter and snow looming doesn't help.

Maybe I'm just tired and worn down. Or maybe it's just getting old that's sinking in.

Here's hoping the Halloween spirits drop by and rekindle my love of this holiday!

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