Thursday, September 4, 2014

Second draft of Spirit Quest - Completed!

I crossed the Second Draft finish line over the weekend. Although I don't feel a lot like celebrating as I know how much work there's still left in the next drafts to follow. The back end of the novel felt a little rougher, needing more connective tissue. I feel like a second second draft might be in order, but I want to give it a bit of time to settle.

The first 100 pages of my manuscript are being professionally edited and I'm a bit anxious and excited at the prospects of recovering her comments.

What's on my plate for the next month?

- Prepare my application form for the Canada Arts Council grants
- Prepare my agent queries/submission packages
- Recover the first 100 pages of edits
- Work on my Third Draft to sort out all sorts of issues that I noticed through the initial drafts, clearing up the magic system, synch up the ages of characters, add a bit more details and descriptions in those talking head chapters.

Piece of cake, right?

If you have any advice or experience with wrapping up second drafts and third (and fourth and fifth) drafts, please comment and share.


  1. Hi Jason, don't think of it as work, but as making you're story better. I'm happy that I did have a good editor because she found the weak spots in my storyline and after I fixed them, the story did flow better. I can't wait to read the finished product

  2. Hi Marie, thanks for the support! Appreciate it.