Friday, January 4, 2013

My 2013 Writing Goals

After surveying the year that was 2012, I’d like to kick off 2013 with some writing goals and publicly post them as a means to shame me if I don’t follow through on them! Instead of resolutions, I thought that for 2013, I’d try a different angle and construct a To Do list based on my resolutions.

  1. Read more. Sadly, 2012 was a pathetic year for reading. Everything else took precedent over reading. And when I did read, there was a noticeable effect on my writing and generation of ideas.
    [   ] Read 2 books a month
    [   ] Read 1 short story a week
  2. Finish what I’ve started. I have two novel projects on the go. I need to focus on these and finish them. THIS YEAR. I’ve submitted End Times to the Borderlands Writing Boot Camp, so I’m sure after I emotionally recover from the critiquing, I’ll come out fired up.
    [   ] Revise plot/synopsis for End Times
    [   ] Complete First Draft of End Times
    [   ] Revise plot/synopsis for Elegant Darkness
    [   ] Complete First Draft of Elegant Darkness
  3. Continue to pursue grants this year.
    [   ] Ontario Arts Council (February and October 2013)
    [   ] Toronto Arts Council (June 17/2013; check in April for app.)
    [   ] Canada Arts Council (October 1/2013)
  4. Blog. I’ve got three blogs I’d like to keep active on:
    [   ] Jason Shayer – writing blog (twice a week)
    [   ] Marvel 1980s comic book blog (four times a month)
    [   ] Biff Bam Pop – Tales from the Longbox (twice a month)

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