Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Home strech...

Friday's the deadline for my novel portfolio for the Borderlands Bootcamp. I need a synopsis, character bios, and a 30-something pages opening for the novel. I've got a solid first draft of all them down, so its just a matter of polishing at this point. With the rest of the book unwritten, it will be interested to see how those first few chapters change or evolve as I progress through the novel.

Struggling a bit with the length of the synopsis. I want it to be long enough to convey the novel's core ideas, but not so long that people tune out. I'll be doing another pass at it to tighten up the sentences and make sure I'm using those strong verbs. Concerned as well that the summary won't really capture my own voice as I'm writing it very matter-of-factly.

Let's see what I can do in three days!


  1. Hey Jason!

    Fellow aspiring writer here. Just wondering how it went with the Borderlands submission. Are you going in January?

    Steve Voelker

  2. Hi Steve, thanks for the comment. I was accepted and looking forward to going in January 2013! I'm a bit intimidated and trying to rise about all the writer self-doubt...

  3. I hear you. I am feeling a bit nervous about it myself. This will be my first time with anything even remotely like this!