Saturday, July 9, 2011

First post and welcome!

I'm using this blog as a method to chronicle my adventures in writing. It will also serve to keep me motivated and on track to write my novel.

Here's my current writing bio:

Jason Shayer's love of dark fiction has given more than a few people a reason to raise an eyebrow, most often his wife. He's been recently published in Necrotic Tissue #6, in the Dead Science and Through the Eyes of the Undead anthologies, and in Arcane magazine.
And my current bibliography:

“The Ranch” – Necrotic Tissue #6
“No Man’s Land” – Dead Science Anthology
“A Boy and His Zombie” – Flashes in the Dark
“Fitful Rest” – Through the Eyes of the Undead
“The Mine” - Arcane Magazine issue #1
“Steve Gerber and the Marvel Universe” – Back Issue! Magazine #31
“Kitty Pryde” – Back Issue! Magazine #32
“Black Cat” – Back Issue! Magazine #40
“Cloak and Dagger” – Back Issue! Magazine #45
“Thuderstrike!” - Back Issue! Magazine #53
“Legio Mortuus” Zombies Anthology, Dark Moon Books
“Stagnant Waters” - Made You Flinch—Again!
“The Toll” - Zombie Zak’s House of Pain
“Roger Stern’s Avengers” - Back Issue! Magazine #56

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